Carla Lemus Castro

Briefily Describe your Artwork

or me Switzerland is all about outdoors activities surrounded by friends or family. I love the change of seasons. Each one with so many activities and fun things to do. It’s always clean, you can tell who people appreciate their environment. Taking well care of it.

What motivated you to create this work of art and how do you identify with it?

I think Switzerland is a beautiful country with wonderful views. I am Mexican, I’ve been living close to the Lake Leman for 6 years. Being able to share my love for art and design here its a dream.

How do you think art could lead to more sustainable behavior in society?

s an industrial designer and artist I’ve been always interested in recycling and giving better use of things, I understand the importance of it, always thinking about ways to make it happen. We sure need to teach our little ones the important of using used materials, I think the younger you teach them the better the world will be. Art is a beautiful and simple way to share and understand it.


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