Abigail Kube

Briefily Describe your Artwork

The illustration reflects my deep appreciation for Switzerland, my current home. I have embraced the Swiss culture, its landscapes, and its traditions, which have influenced my artistic expression in various ways. By subtly integrating elements such as Swiss mountains, iconic landmarks, or local flora and fauna, I aim to honor the sense of belonging and gratitude I have developed for this country. This blending of cultural symbols not only showcases the symbiotic relationship between my heritage and my home but also represents the transformative power of cultural exchange and integration.

What motivated you to create this work of art and how do you identify with it?

The illustration captures the essence of my Mexican heritage by incorporating intricate patterns, and iconic symbols that resonate deeply within me. Through my illustration, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and introspection, encouraging them to reflect upon their own experiences of navigating multiple cultures. By highlighting the significance of embracing one’s heritage while adapting to new environments, I aim to foster a sense of empathy, understanding, and inclusivity.

How do you think art could lead to more sustainable behavior in society?

When we can empathize and connect to a subject, we are more likely to care about it and through art, we are able to reach out and share the beauty of the world with others in hopes that they are moved to action. I’ve worked with animal conservation through my art, and the impact artwork and education have cannot be denied.


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