Minttu Di Vincenzo

Briefily Describe your Artwork


What motivated you to create this work of art and how do you identify with it?

I moved 14 years ago from Finland to Switzerland, and for me it’s already \“home\“. I didn’t speak German when I came, and I’ve learned (only) Schwiizerdütsch by hearing (that’s why I’m writing you in English). I was inspired to participate with this picture, because home is the most important place for me. I like to keep it clean, too! I also love Swiss nature & street art.

How do you think art could lead to more sustainable behavior in society?

Art is forever. It emerges from within, from a „higher place“ of a human being. That’s why it has a power to strengthen, unite and heal. Art, which you are spreading in your bottles, is a very good example of distributing sustainability with art.


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