Yana Пришвицина

Briefily Describe your Artwork

My illustration combines several of the most important features of Switzerland: extraordinary landscapes, Swiss cows, fresh air, mountains and sports. All this is an incredible cocktail of happiness and longevity for the people of the country

What motivated you to create this work of art and how do you identify with it?

I have been living in Switzerland since March 2022 due to the war in my home country. Switzerland has become my second home, a corner of security and inspiration. In the illustration I wanted to depict everything that inspires me and gives me strength, to convey the incredible energy of this country and the overall atmosphere.

How do you think art could lead to more sustainable behavior in society?

Art fosters a sense of beauty, gives strength, inspiration, and teaches us to feel and appreciate what life gives us. It seems to me that art can turn people’s view of the world upside down and encourage them to look at the same things from a completely different angle.


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