Cyrille Saura Zellweger

Briefily Describe your Artwork

In this artwork, I want to show Switzerland as a rich and beautiful territory, showing air/water/earth elements (rivers, lakes, mountains, night and day sky etc) but also its agriculture, quality local food, rich fauna and flora. The discreet train and gondola to say that our beautiful territory can be enjoyed and shared wisely.

What motivated you to create this work of art and how do you identify with it?

As someone engaged in shifting habits (I am author of books about natural soaps and cosmetics), I was definitely interested to design a refillable bottle. After 13 years in Canada, I have moved back to Switzerland last year with a a deeper love and a new perception on our Country. The protection of our landscapes, nature and resources is crucial, we can do really better.

How do you think art could lead to more sustainable behavior in society?

Good question. So far, I have found 2 ways to do it: one is to be selective as an illustrator and artist, never compromising working with the „wrong“ companies, even if that means finding another way to pay the bills. The second is to work on interdisciplinary projects with a common goal of expressing our opinion about our world’s challenges and attracting people attention on other way/solutions.


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